LADIES, before you start… PLEASE READ!

First, let’s use the analogy of completely redecorating your house, inside and out, with fresh paint, new furniture and new landscaping.

To begin with, you would start with a basic blueprint of what you wanted each room to look like, whether you wanted a modern, traditional or arty look as well as decide on what new color scheme you wanted for each room. When you finished creating your blueprint, the next step would be to begin stripping down the walls before you applied the fresh paint, pull up the carpet or tiles and throw out your old furniture to replace with fresh new furniture to fit into the picture of your perfect dream house.

Just like redecorating your dream house, we need to begin with a Basic Blueprint of your body as it is right now. Like the first step in renewing your house where it is necessary to first strip and sand down the walls before you apply a fresh coat of paint, we need to strip you down from those addictive sugar, carbohydrate and salt cravings as well as help you lighten the load you have been carrying in your colon by getting you to ‘poop’ at least twice a day!

Yes, ladies, if there is one thing we have learnt about women over many years in our health and fitness Center, that is, if you are eating 3 meals a day but only evacuating once a day, then where are the other 2 meals a day going?
The mathematics is quite easy… 3 meals a day times 7 days = 21 meals a week.

90% of all the women we have worked with over the past 7 years report evacuating only ONCE a day or worse still, EVERY OTHER DAY, so that means at least 14 meals are missing EACH WEEK!
That equals to a very toxic body, lots of fat cells reproducing themselves in order to stuff that extra toxic waste into because you are not getting rid of normal body toxins through regular bowel movements.
If this is a surprise to some of you, just ask your men folk and the majority of them will tell you they evacuate 2-3 TIMES A DAY!

The truth is WASTE is really WEIGHT and waste means our blood can get pretty dirty with bacteria building up in our systems. Our organs begin to slow down and malfunction, our tummies begin to distend from edema and inflammation and before we know it our bodies have suddenly turned from PEARS to APPLES by the time we are in our forties!

The good news is we, at Better Body, are well-known for educating women to change old lifestyle habits and turn the tide of ill-health into super health and weight gain into weight loss. Now follow us to STEP ONE and begin a new life of awareness and good health!