"I came to Better Body originally because I was on a plateau after losing my first 20lbs with Weight Watchers. I knew I had to increase my exercise program with more intensity in order to to get off the plateau that I was on.

After the first six weeks of working out with the Better Body program, my body soon began to make changes that I liked. I learned a lot about nutrition and switched some of my lean cuisine habits I learned from my Weight Watcher days to eating clean, healthy and natural foods, and focusing more on balancing my meals and using moderation.

By the 9th week of my program, I was fitter, stronger and more conditioned than I can ever remember being, and began working more on defining and shaping my body. Being in my 40's now, I am very proud of all the work I have placed into my exercise program. It has been well worth all the compliments I receive from my family and friends, and yes, even strangers I may run into.

I have to say I am in the best shape I have ever been!"


ELIZABETH, 53, School Teacher

“Having become quite disgusted and desperate to become fit once again, I was more than ready to inquire about a new facility I had heard about through a friend.

Better Body instantly appealed to me because it was a complete package. While it offered small group training at a reasonable rate I would also receive health and nutrition counseling which is a valuable inclusion, so I was “sold” right from the start.

In the 12 weeks I attended my 3 sessions a week I have lost 30 pounds and am on my way to reclaiming the fit body I enjoyed prior to the menopausal weight gain I encountered over the past 4 years. Due to a very stressful career, it is often not easy for me to commit the necessary time to reach my goal more quickly, yet I do feel that the progress I continue to make is a direct result of the benefits provided at this very unique facility.

It has given me hope that I will be successful. If I can do it, anyone can.”



I was at a stage where I was very self-conscious about my weight. I liked the idea that Better Body was for ladies! I liked the individual attention they gave me even though I was in a small class format.

I looked forward to coming to Better Body 3 times a week to exercise. The atmosphere was always positive and uplifting.

Even though I had begun my nutrition program with my husband before I found Better Body, my weight loss didn't really kick in until I began exercising.

I thought strength training would make me big and bulky
but I went from a size 12 down to a size 2. That's 5 dress sizes I lost!

Of course, I'm thrilled and so is my husband.