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Nutritional Profile

Assessing your nutritional deficiencies is extremely important as each organ needs certain minerals to help them function and if these are not available the body system begins to break down.

‘If you have any kind of symptom that is bothering you – it is a sure sign that your body is crying out for supplementation in order to function correctly.’

The following 2 Tests are available to COMPLETE YOUR NUTRITIONAL PROFILE.

NUTRITIONAL BIO-STRESS ANALYSIS …….Available in local area only!

Testing is a One-on-One Consultation with our Health Practitioner.
This test includes a computerized analysis of Vitamin, Mineral and Enzyme deficiencies; identification of bowel toxicity; hypoglycemia; detection for hyper-allergic conditions; testing protein, fat, sugar and carbohydrate mal-absorption with possible digestive disorders plus identification of neurotransmitter weaknesses.
Analysis of tongue, nails and acupuncture pulses support findings along with a Bio-electrical impedence test for Parasites, Heavy Toxins and Metal Toxicity.
Analysis also includes testing for dehydration and oxygenation.
A free screening of one drop of blood under a microscope provides you the education you need to enlighten you in how your immune white blood cells are functioning and if Candida is indicated in your blood.
This analysis has an amazing ability in showing your vitamin, mineral and enzyme deficiencies and then motivating you to take steps to change your dietary lifestyle.

Regular Price...$150
New Client Special...$95


NUTRICHECK ANALYSIS …………Available for all our long distance clients.

Each client receives a FREE ‘20 minute Telephone Consultation’

This test provides you with a detailed analysis of your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, sugar imbalances, digestive disorders, food malabsorption, allergy susceptibility, bacterial and parasitic overgrowth and nerve tissue functionality.

Our Nutricheck Profile is perfect for our long distance clients. It is a simple 10 minute computerized test of pulling together symptoms you are presently experiencing in your body and viewing your past health conditions. We create an in-depth overview of your current health status showing any system breakdowns or possible deficiencies and weaknesses in your body.
Once we analyze your results we offer you a 20 minute complimentary telephone consultation from one of our Professional Health Practitioners to discuss these results with you. From here we offer our professional advice and guidance on steps you can take to help improve your present health status. Depending on your individual results it may be concluded that you might need to do a specific cleansing program or supplement your deficiencies with quality vitamins and minerals in order to build your immune system or give support to your heart, liver or kidneys. Perhaps you just need to alkalinize your body to maintain a slightly alkaline state which is needed to ward off free radical activity.
Whatever it is, we help you to understand how to do just that.

This is a wonderful health test, inexpensive and an absolute must in assessing what is going on with your body right now. 

Regular price……. $80
New client special……$55

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