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With the proper care and nourishment the human body has the innate ability to heal itself.
Even with the abuse from environmental factors, toxins, inactivity, cigarette smoke, alcohol and poor nutrition, our body can still function adequately before the signs of breakdown are apparent.

However, without proper care and nourishment the systems of our body will not function at their optimum level and they will eventually fail.
This breakdown is usually slow and silent.
Only minor, temporary symptoms may surface as warning signs of malfunction. But without change the damage will continue.

In the past decade, our knowledge about nutrition and how it effects our body has improved.
One major problem is the average American diet is usually deficient in nutrients, secondary to cooked and processed foods. Our diet lacks vital nutrients the body needs to function properly. It therefore is important to understand the principles of good nutrition. With an holistic approach to health and the proper nutrient supply, we can improve our state of health and fight disease.

DONíTí WAIT for a DISEASE to motivate you to take care of yourself!

TOP TEN most important SUPPLEMENTS needed for a healthy body.

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